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Creek Watch Sites

Our Creek Watch program is made up of dozens of volunteers monitoring about 35 sites across the watershed. These sites are divided into 7 sections:

  • Upper Tributaries
  • Middle Tributaries
  • Lower Tributaries
  • Upper GRT
  • Middle GRT
  • Lower GRT
  • Morris and Fairmount Park


You can find specific site descriptions corresponding to these sections below:

Tributary sites

Data Summary Section Description  
Upper Tributaries Section TS05 Haines Run, upstream  
TS10 Haines Run, downstream  
TS20 Trewellyn Creek: Treweryn Farm Trails  
TS25 Trewellyn Creek: Treweryn Farm Trails  
TS60 Prophecy Creek: Prophecy Park  
TS60-Private Prophecy Creek: Private  
Middle Tributaries Section TS30 Willow Run East: Forest Hill  
TS35 Willow Run West: Armentrout Preserve  
TS40 Rose Valley Creek: Robbins Park  
TS50 Rose Valley Creek: Ambler Borough Park  
TS70 Sandy Run: Piszek Preserve, Two Wastewater Treatment Plants discharges into the Sandy run above this  
Philadelphia Tributaries Section TS75 Bell’s Mills: Fairmount Park  
TS80 Gorges Run:   Fairmount Park  
TS85 Wise’s Mill:   Fairmount Park  
TS90 Cresheim Valley Creek: Fairmount Park  
TS100 Monoshony Creek:   Fairmount Park  



Wissahickon Sites

Data Summary Section Description and notes WVWA Stream MAP sites
Wissahickon: Upper Section WS10 “Big Woods” in Montgomeryville, Knapp Road  
WS20 Wissahickon Park in Lansdale, Norway Drive  
WS30 Hancock Rd Park  
WS40 WVWA property- Dickerson Road  
WS50 ‘Merck Bridge’ to North Wales Rd, Start of the Green Ribbon Trail WVWA site 850 and 800
WS60 North Wales Rd to Evans-Mumbower Mill, Upper Gwynedd Wastewater Treatment Plant discharges into this section, Haines Run enters into the Wissahickon in this section  
Wissahickon: Middle Green Ribbon Trail WS70 Evans-Mumbower Mill to Route 202 WVWA site 750
WS80 Route 202 to Plymouth Rd, Trewellyn Creek enters the Wissahickon  
WS82 Stepping stones, after Trewellyn Creek confluence, Willow Run Creek enters the Wissahickon  
WS90 Penllyn Woods: Plymouth Rd to Penllyn Pike  
WS100 Mather’s stepping stones to Butler Pike, Rose Valley Creek enters this section  
Wissahickon: Lower Green Ribbon Trail WS110 Four Mill’s Reserve: Butler Pike to Morris Rd, Ambler Wastewater Treatment Plant discharges into this section, Prophecy Creek enters this section WVWA site 600
WS120 Germantown Academy: Morris Rd to Lafayette Ave  
WS130 Lafayette Ave to Skippack Pike, Sandy Run enters the Wissahickon in this section WVWA site 550
WS140 Skippack Pike to West Valley Green Rd WVWA site 500
Wissahickon: Morris and Fairmount Park WS150 West Valley Green Rd to Stenton Ave, End of the Green Ribbon Trail, Loraine Run enters this section  
WS160 Morris Arboretum WVWA site 400
WS170 Fairmount Park: Northwestern Ave to Valley Green Inn WVWA site 250
WS180 Fairmount Park: Valley Green Inn to Rittenhouse Town  
WS190 Fairmount Park: Rittenhouse Town to Schuylkill River WVWA site 150