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Birds of the Wissahickon: Breeding Bird Survey

7:00 a.m.

As part of our Bird Conservation Initiative, WVWA invites the public to take part in a breeding bird survey on May 30th.  Participants will spend the morning learning about the behavioral characteristics of breeding birds, survey methods, and the importance of avian conservation, all while experiencing the beauty and diversity of the birds of the Wissahickon!

Surveys involve spending a few minutes in a specific location, documenting all species both seen and heard and, based on what activities are observed, recording birds as possible, probable, or confirmed breeders in the area.

Breeding bird surveys are conducted during the breeding season from mid-May to mid-July each year across North America, and provide the most reliable information on the population trends of many bird species. These surveys help researchers monitor population changes, determine management practices, and alert us to possible threats to bird species. 

  • Locations: TBD, will involve travel to multiple WVWA Preserves
  • Participants will be limited, registration is required
  • Register online