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The Bird Feeding Garden

7:00 p.m.

How to provide wild foods for wild birds 12 months a year!

There are two ways to feed birds – buying birdseed and filling feeders every few days…or by planting the plants they will eat for years or even generations to come.  Learn what plants our native birds look to for food, shelter and nesting and how you can turn your traditional landscape into an eating garden for birds in a short period of time! 

Limited space?  No problem!  Limited resources?  We have you covered!  Join Steve Saffier of PA Audubon to learn where to get native plants and even some tips on growing your own so that you can start your bird sanctuary today!

  • WVWA Headquarters, Four Mills Barn, 12 Morris Road, Ambler 19002
  • Free; Registration requested
  • Register online