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Vernal Pool Exploration

This program is full, registration is closed
10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

With temperatures rising, the forest floor will be hopping with new life as frogs and other amphibians crowd into shallow puddles of water to breed and lay their eggs. These puddles—better known as vernal pools—provide a perfect opportunity to learn more about Mother Nature here in the watershed. But we have to hurry! They disappear quickly.

WVWA’s Vernal Pool Exploration provides a fun, outdoor learning experience for kids and adults alike. Discover the differences between a spring peeper, a chorus frog, and a wood frog. Find out how far an endangered spotted salamander will walk to find a mating pool. And, learn how much everything we have come to appreciate about the springtime depends on a few unassuming puddles of water on the forest floor.

  • Crossways Preserve, Parking and trail entrance on Cathcart Road, between Morris Road and Township Line Road (See map below.)
  • Members and children under 12: Free | Non-members: $10
  • Dress for muddy/wet trails
  • Register online


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