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Native Plants


What Are Native Plants?

They are plants that have been growing naturally in a particular area before humans introduced other plants from distant locations. Native plants typically grow in communities with species adapted to specific soil, moisture and weather conditions. Download Native Plant List for a complete list of local native plants.

Want to Replace Your Invasive Plants with Native Alternatives?

Download Native Plant Alternative List for a complete list of native plant alternatives to commonly available invasive plants.

How Can Native Plants Help?

Native plants have deeper root systems that help the soil absorb and retain water.

Rudbeckia flowersDoes the Root Zone Matter?

Yes. Native plants can reach deep into the ground to find water during dry periods. When it rains, their long roots help storm water infiltrate the soil and recharge the ground water. Some native plants, such as Common Ninebark, have root zones that extend 16 feet into the ground!

What is the Benefit of Native Plants?

Native Plant Maintenance Requirements

Low. Low. Low. Native plants have evolved and adapted to local conditions over thousands of years. They don’t require chemicals and once they are established they don’t require irrigation. This saves the homeowner time and money!

Native Plants and Water Infiltration

Deep roots penetrate the soil and allow water to run along the pore space created by the plant’s thin fibrous roots. Increased water infiltration helps recharge the creek and keep our water cleaner.

Native Plants and Wildlife

Native plants have co-evolved with native insects over thousands of years. Local insects need native plants to survive. Most insects don’t recognize or cannot eat non-native plant species. Without native plants, insect populations will continue to decline. Many animals depend partially or wholly on insect protein for food. Fewer native plants result in fewer insects available to feed wildlife, and therefore less wildlife.

Local Plant Sales & Native Plant Nurseries

The top 4 locations below have generously offered a 10% discount to WVWA members. Please visit the organization's website to check for upcoming sales.


 Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education *
 10% discount to WVWA members

 Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust *
 10% discount to WVWA members

 David Brothers Native Plant Nursery *
 10% discount to WVWA members

 Ambler Arboretum of Temple University
 10% discount to WVWA members



 Abington Bird Town Native Plant Sale & Swap at Briar Bush * 

 Bartram’s Garden

 Churchville Nature Center – Wildflower Sale *

 Peace Valley Nature Center 

 Collins Native Plant Nursery *

Update 3/6/19: Learn the basics of landscape design for homeowners in a series of three workshops during June 2019.

Click here for more information >>

 Morris Arboretum

 Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy *

 Penn State Master Gardeners

 PHS Meadowbrook Farm

Redbud Native Plant Nursery *

* these locations only sell native plants