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Rain Gardens

What is a rain garden?

A garden designed as a shallow depression to collect water that runs off your roof, driveway and other paved surfaces.

Why plant a rain garden?

  • Increase the amount of water that filters into the ground and recharges aquifers
  • Protect our community from flooding
  • Protect streams and lakes from pollutants- lawn fertilizers, pesticides, oil and other car fluids
  • Enhance the beauty of our yards and neighborhoods
  • Provide habitat for beneficial insects, butterflies and birds

How does a rain garden help?

It improves water quality and reduces water quantity.

  • The garden acts as a filter and improves water quality by removing pollutants and excess nutrients (including fertilizer)
  • ​Reduces the volume and speed of run off (water quantity) by promoting infiltration into the ground water supply

What a rain garden ISN’T

  • Swampy, wet area that does not drain
  • Seasonal pond
  • Breeding ground for mosquitoes

Rain Garden Workshop Lecture Notes and Plant List

Rain Garden Lecture Notes

Comprehensive Rain Garden Plant List

Visit StormwaterPA.org for an excellent video on rain gardens.