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Strategic Plan

Looking to the next 60 years – a plan to guide the way

Imagine a Wissahickon Valley…

… where nature thrives and biodiversity is protected and encouraged to flourish

…where the Wissahickon Creek is viewed as a living gem, to be protected and enjoyed

…where residents from every community can access a network of preserves and trails that will take them places they want to go - to the library, grocery store, dinner and movie – all the way to Center City

…where community members are engaged in the protection, stewardship and enjoyment of the preserves and trails where they live, and that these places become part of the fabric of their everyday lives

This may seem like a dream, but for the staff and Board of WVWA, this is our vision for the future.

With extraordinary input from our staff, board, friends, members, local government officials, and other interested individuals, over the past year we undertook an extensive strategic planning exercise that has given us a compelling vision for the future. The result is a plan that will move us forward with discipline, energy, and resources all galvanized toward our new mission: “inspiring and engaging diverse communities of people to protect, steward and enjoy the land and waterways of the Wissahickon Valley.” 

What is different about our new mission? It continues our long tradition of protecting and stewarding open space in the watershed, but it shifts our focus to engaging residents as partners in this work, rather than simply being beneficiaries.

We have identified three interconnected initiatives key to achieving our vision and mission. Where these three initiatives overlap is our nexus of impact.

Moving forward, we are committed to protecting and caring for our local environment with the communities of the watershed rather than for them. This pivot is essential, because while we have long known that people need nature, what we have come to appreciate is that nature also needs people.

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