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Philly Upstream Cluster

The WVWA is excited to be part of the new 2014 Delaware River Basin Initiative, funded by the William Penn Foundation.

The goal of the initiative is to ‘move the needle’ and improve the water quality of the Delaware River Basin by targeting smaller watersheds, like the Wissahickon Creek. This effort created cluster groups composed of watershed organizations, universities and statewide groups in the Delaware River Basin, including the Philly Upstream Cluster. The initative covers the entire Delaware River watershed, ranging from parts of New York State down to the mouth of the Delaware River in Delaware.

The Philly Upstream Cluster creates a unified effort throughout the Northern and Western Philly Suburbs to improve water quality in the Cobbs, Pennypack, Poquessing, Tookany/Tacony-Frankford, and Wissahickon watersheds.

As the lead organization for the Wissahickon Creek, the WVWA’s goals are to improve the water quality through: 

  • Monitor changes in water quality and stream habitat in the Wissahickon by expanding WVWA’s current Stream Monitoring and Assessment Program (MAP) and assisting cluster partners in creating a Stream MAP in their watersheds
  • Create a new citizen-based monitoring program, known as Creek Watch, which was launched in the Summer of 2014. Interested? Contact Lindsay Blanton at lindsay@wvwa.org
  • Educate citizens on the state of the Wissahickon and ways to protect the creek through expanded education and outreach efforts
  • Improve water quality and management of stormwater through restoration projects
  • Partner with local municipalities, large landowners, and commercial owners to create additional education and restoration projects


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