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What is eBird?

eBird is an online database created by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and National Audubon Society, where anyone can submit simple lists of the birds they’ve encountered while birding, anywhere in the world.

eBird allows you to become a citizen scientist and to:

  • Keep track of your own bird lists - including life, regional, and state lists
  • Find locations for a particular species at a particular time of year
  • Learn about local birding hotspots you may not have known about
  • Search a specific bird and learn about its distribution and movement
  • See spatial and temporal changes in a particular species’ population over time
  • Contribute to a data set used by scientists and conservationists to track and monitor bird populations across the globe.

By creating checklists within the watershed at each of WVWA’s preserves during each season, we can build a great data set of the bird populations present year-round. This will be a resource used not only by WVWA to understand the watershed’s importance to the avian world, but also by other researchers and ornithologists seeking to understand their populations worldwide. eBird is beneficial both for us, and for the birds we so enjoy watching.

More than 1,000,000 checklists are submitted each year – let’s make it even more!

Create an eBird account, submit observations, and learn more at www.ebird.org